3IT's Solution Integration services enable clients to identify, develop, and implement the most appropriate solutions to their change requirements.

Growth in the SI services market is being fueled by the need for seamless business processes across a company's entire value chain of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

3i Technology solution integration services help you link applications to each other or with the established or planned IT infrastructure. 3i Technology can help you design and implement application programming interfaces and master data conversion, plus migrate legacy data cost effectively. As a result, you can connect systems and process throughout the enterprise and optimize the value of your technology investments. The result is a solution that addresses your unique requirements, accelerates return on investment, and delivers business results.

Solution Integration is a critical area for companies due to various factors:

  • 1. Multiple systems for various functions that need integration
  • 2. Post mergers & acquisitions, systems & networks need integration
  • 3. New product implementations require integration with the other existing systems
  • 4. Need to maximize existing investments while delivering new solutions and increased business value
  • 5. Integrating with business partners, suppliers & customers to decrease inventory
  • 6. Reduce manual interactions

3i Technology offers integration services to help you solve your business problems in a manner unique to your business. We at 3i Technology are committed to delivering fully-integrated solutions that meet your business and technical requirements. As a Solutions Integrator, 3i Technology provides total project management, right from architecture design, integration, system and interface development to migration.