For organizations today IT security threats is major challenge for the IT professionals, the pace of change has augmented drastically. The current Internet security threat landscape continues to evolve in both volume and complexity of attacks. At the same time, trends such as virtualization, cloud computing and the use of consumer mobile devices raise new issues for security.

Having alliances with the best providers of IT security solutions worldwide, 3i Technology delivers all of the essential ingredients to make IT Security professionals successful.

  • • 3i Technology provides the security intelligence and advanced technology you need to counter emerging threats.
  • • 3i Technology offers comprehensive protection that is content, identity and location aware and performance-optimized to support innovative new mobile, cloud and virtual computing models.
  • • 3i Technology delivers integrated security management that lets you identify trends, prioritize tasks and automate processes so you can achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.

The 3i Technology Security Framework is a comprehensive platform of security products and services that enables security executives to successfully execute on all three of these top priorities. 3i Technology partners with IT Security providing Brands who deliver a complete range of products, security automation and foundational security capabilities to meet all of today's IT security requirements.