Why pay for printers when you can pay only for what you are printing


REDUCE cost by 25%!

3i Technology assets the cost of printed document while in production. You can realize direct cost reductions of at least 30% and up to 50% indirect cost reduction.

3i Technology offers structural and sustainable savings in your current print environment, with offering of state of art printing fleet without upfront cost as you will you only pay for what you are printing.


Our Baseline Assessment gives you a complete unbiased picture of your output situation, providing you with the best data you've ever had.

We report all the printer, toner and paper facts plus user, location, time and application data. No one else can do that.

  • • Get all the data - We cover both networked and locally attached printers!
  • • Get a solid foundation for providing clear and measureable savings on your bottom line


Reduce green impact by 35%!

3i Technology will give solution that can save tons of CO2 with green printing behavior throughout your printing fleet.

We provide detailed documentation of your green improvement and include it in your corporate sustainability report. We provide results on your existing fleet of printers. Don't you feel your employ is you asset and better mind need better health, think about it and create an environment where everyone will be safe?


Review your printer fleet

With 3i Technology Printing Solutions you get all the benefits from cost reductions, green benefits and better compliance on your new fleet. Get easy access to security features like PIN and RFID based printing to get secure printing and also save wastage of paper and printing cost (Every Ten Pages Sent on printer for printing only 8 are claimed) . Get much better utilization of expensive finishing features like binding and stapling. Right size your fleet based on our detailed print behavior database.

Reporting and Job Accounting

With best practices and tools 3i Technology give you facilities of getting you monthly printing reports and also allow to allocated quota to groups and individuals to get the exact printing volume and wastage control.

3i Technology OPS Qualification Survey

3i Technology can provide you Free Services to calculate your average monthly printing volume.