In today's times, threats to your company's critical business data are ever present from hacker attacks, computer viruses, power failures, system administration errors, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. But the ability of an organization to recover from a disaster is directly related to its degree of disaster recovery planning before the disaster.

3i Technology offers disaster recovery solutions which will help you in meeting today's demanding service level requirements for recovery time and data loss. It also enables you to revive applications upon failure and affordably replicate information at remote locations with technology that minimizes network costs and bandwidth.

3i Technology provides the true disaster recovery solution that allows recovery from site-wide disasters, such as a hurricane. In such a scenario, the primary site may be completely down, due to a lack of power and network connectivity. A secondary site located in a non-affected area would be used to restore services until the primary site comes back online. 3i Technology’s Disaster Recovery Solution provides:

  • • Secure, highly available managed data centers that are ideal for housing both production and recovery systems.
  • • Enterprise-class remote backup and data replication services to protect your data in a rapidly recoverable form to meet your business requirements
  • • Innovative virtual computing and storage infrastructure provisioned on demand to meet disaster recovery and production scalability requirements.
  • • Comprehensive IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity consulting services, to ensure that capabilities and plans are properly aligned with the true business requirements, and that the plan will actually work in the event of a disaster.
  • • A methodology that supports implementing technology capabilities in your data center, in our hosted data centers, virtually in "the cloud", or across a combination of these - whatever is most appropriate for your needs.
  • • Low cost subscription to a Business Continuity workspace, provisioned very rapidly in the event that you cannot access your primary work location.